7 May 2013

Arianne's Character Questionnaire - Part Two

Continuing Arianne's series on Writing Characters....
Right, so you've worked out the basics of your character - now it's time to take things to another level and work out exactly what kind of person they are!

5. What are the best and worst things about your character's personality?
 (Remember, this questionnaire is about not getting bored so don't just list things for this one! Instead of 'she is pretty' or 'he is nice to his mum', maybe your character is 'especially kind and trusting' or 'really positive and optimistic'. Instead of 'she is evil' or 'he hates everyone', maybe they're 'rotten to the core' or they 'eat good guys for breakfast'. Maybe they're just ordinary and somewhere in between, so you could put something like 'she is really determined and focused, but she can be too competitive sometimes' or 'he's vain and spends too much time looking at himself in the mirror, but he's brave and loyal'. This question is really important so don't rush it!)

6. Does your character have any special talents or skills?
(Everyone is special in some way. Maybe your character is a brilliant super-spy, or maybe they're just really good with animals? ? Maybe they're sporty, arty or hard-working. Write anything that marks your character out as different here.)

7.When your character is happy/sad/angry, how do they express themselves?
(Go through each emotion separately. You want your characters to be vivid and realistic so you can include other emotions, too. Maybe they have dimples when they smile or a big, braying laugh when they hear something funny? Maybe they cry loudly but go absolutely silent when they're angry? Can people easily read every emotion on their face?)

8. What does your character care about most?
(What does your character value above all else? Family? Freedom? Fame? Good looks?Wealth? Health? Hope? Explain the reasons for their values and don't be afraid to pick ones not listed here.)

9. What are some of your character's favourite things?
(Everyone has favourite things. They might be small but they could prove important. Maybe your characters are on a camping adventure and their camping site is attacked by a bear. However, some of the characters prefer sleeping under the stars and some of the characters prefer staying inside the tent so when the attack happens they react differently. Go into as much detail as you think is needed for your story, from food - let's say it's pizza, but what kind of pizza? - and films to books and school subjects.)

Bonus  Question: Can you name some objects which are important to your character?
(Maybe an object is an important part of your story - you can talk about it here. Is there an object your character would protect above all else? Maybe their most treasured 'possession' is a power or their friendship with another person? Maybe it's something simple like a necklace or a photograph - but it could literally be anything!)

It's really important to know what your character is like because it will affect their choices, decisions and reactions throughout your story. You want your reader to believe the character and connect with them, so you have to make their personality realistic and interesting. Nobody likes a character who is totally perfect, but everyone loves a character who is memorable and has lots of different traits! This questionnaire will help you figure out these details clearly.
And remember, Part Three is on its way soon!

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Khadijah said...

Ideas for my own characters usually pop into my mind when I am reading about someone in a book who is really, really annoying me. Usually I'm annoyed because he or she will always behave in a way that is convenient for the author - which I don't like. I prefer to make my characters act unpredictably, regardless of the consenquences, and work out how they're going to get out of the situation afterwards.

Looking forward to part three!